It is not just housing that is afflicted with this – look what happened to our ship-building and car industries. We still have the original windows and they are triple glazed. They are wooden framed, look like regular windows and we have no problems with hinges or light loss. To us they are just standard windows and we would not consider anything less then triple glazing. Triple glazing is a very good solution for those living in noisy areas, especially for those people that live in the central parts of the city.

Switch to the USB option when choose a boot disk location, and then click Create. Select “Create installation media for another PC”. A common occurrence which has plagued many people is their inability to even click the start button. Unfortunately, Microsoft hasn’t officially found a fix. However, the current workaround is to hold the shift key and restart your system, which boots it into safe mode.


Another big tentpole of Windows 11 is the redesigned Microsoft Store. It’s no secret that it has felt a little neglected in Windows 10 recently. But, the new Microsoft Store looks to be a place where apps and even third-party stores can be accessed securely and without fear of malware. Microsoft has told us that they’re taking notice of the Feedback Hub, an app where it shows users’ recommendations for Windows 11. There may be more changes to the Taskbar and Start menu in the coming months.

How To Fix Windows Update Using Troubleshooter

Remember Windows Sets, the 2017 tabbed interface that incorporated File Explorer, Mail, Edge, and more? Users may not ultimately have wanted the Sets interface as a whole, but they’ve been asking for a tabbed File Explorer for years. Microsoft hasn’t given that to us, leaving File Explorer’s windowed organization largely unchanged. Only the former two search your PC; the latter only searches the Web, using the Bing search engine by default.

Tip 2 Create A Windows Installation Disk To Reinstall Windows 10

Now, you can see the Product key of Windows 10 in the above image. The image is deprived due to security reasons. I had huge issues with GPU 7850 – the only thing for me was to revert to an older graphic card but my best solution was to simply plug into the motherboard’s onboard graphic card connection.

Follow the instructions below to fix the Windows 11 Secure boot requirement. Select the Extended Windows 11 Installation option under the Image option drop-down menu. Select the USB flash drive from the Device drop-down menu. Download the latest version of Rufus and open the application. Open the Windows settings by pressing the key combination + .

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